Radical Rock Video Sydney College of the Arts 2019 Week 1 Assignment 1: Time is out of Joint – All music is the same.

Time is out of Joint – All music is the same.

You are a video alchemist and an art shaman.

Reverse an existing song or piece of music – subject it to time and speed manipulations if you like. Cut it up, recompose if that’s your thing.

Make the song as melodically and as aesthetically interesting as you can.

Produce a video for the song using as many video effects as possible – the more processed it is the better. Transform your source material.


Duration: As long as you like but we shall only be able to watch five minutes of your work during the in-class presentation/assessment time.  


Aesthetics after Finitude

You can download this excellent book here from Re.Press for free.

The introduction alone is worth the price of admission, the cost being in ebook form at least, absolutely nothing.

Traditionally aesthetics has been associated with phenomenal experience, human apprehension and an appreciation of beauty—the domains in which human cognition is rendered finite. What is an aesthetics that might occur ‘after finitude’?

Introduction – Baylee Brits, Prudence Gibson, Amy Ireland – 7

1 Xenochronic Dispatches from the Domain of the Phonoegregore – Marc Couroux – 23

2 Art Theory/Fiction as Hyper Fly – Prudence Gibson – 39

3 Art, Philosophy, and Non-standard Aesthetics – Thomas Sutherland – 53

4 The Nuclear Sonic: Listening to Millennial Matter – Lendl Barcelos – 71

5 Geology Without Geologists – Douglas Kahn – 89

6 Folding the Soundscape :: An ad hoc Account of Synthesis – Adam Hulbert -99

7 Transfinite Fiction and the case of Jorge Luis Borges – Baylee Brits – 111

8 Picture that Cyclone – Stephen Muecke -127

9 Enter the Black Box: Aesthetic Speculations in the General Economy of Being – Laura Lotti – 139

10 The Murmur of Nothing: Mallarmé and Mathematics – Christian R. Gelder – 157

11 Accelerationism, Prometheanism and Mythotechnesis – Simon O’Sullivan – 171

12 Pink Data: Tiamaterialism and the Female Gnosis of Desire – Tessa Laird – 191

13 The Emergence of Hyperstition – Chris Shambaugh (and Maudlin Cortex) – 203

‘The Krakatoan Chimera’ – Chaim Horowitz – 204

14 Noise: An Ontolog y of the Avant-garde – Amy Ireland – 217

After After Finitude: An Afterword – Justin Clemens – 229

Editors 237

Contributors 239