Hannah Black – New World Disorder and a controversy unfolding as I write this post.

Who said artists cant write ? Below is a fantastic article written by artist and writer Hannah Black on the current state of the world. She is the protagonist of a protest letter against Dana Schultz’s painting Open Casket, currently being exhibited in the Whitney Biennale which many have accused as being highly problematic, or even down right racist.

Hannah Black – New World Disorder

and the

 The Dana Schutz controversy and the Open Casket painting.

The Fake letter

Aruna D’Souza is a writer at Bennington College and an art critic for 4Columns.org. In addition, she consults with museums — including the Whitney Museum — on issues of diversity and inclusion. Here is her take, written for a general audience for CNN here.

Meanwhile Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan Sentenced to Prison for Painting of Kurdish Town Attack

The article can be found  here

and the online magazine New Republic provides some additional context

and the article can be found here

and then this article from the artist Coco Fusco her wiki page can be found here

and for those with time on their hands, something in all of this reminded me of the great theorist Paul Virillio’s utterly striking and confronting book,  Art and Fear in which he brings to the table his notion of a “Pitiless Art”  the text of which can be found here on archive.org.

George Baker on painting, critique, and empathy in the Emmett Till / Whitney Biennial debate

can be read here