Experimental Writing Week 6




Experimental Writing Studio


The aim of today’s class is to produce a completed work of experimental writing that is published by the end of the class.

Because this is a studio exercise the following dogma must be followed to the letter.

The work must be made from no more than five colours.

The work must be as flat as possible.

The work must have at least 10 pages.

The work must contain some kind of text on each page.

The work must be digital and use the following software

Adobe Illustrator to produce the pages

Converted to an appropriate format for online publishing.

Non Originality shall be highly praised.

Originality shall be highly praised.

Diagrammatic invention and fields of colour shall be highly praised.


The hour of the first shall be research and when you will write your text.

The hour of the second shall be when you make your pages in adobe illustrator.

The hour of the third shall be when you upload and complete the assignment.