Experimental Writing Week 2

heanifestation of text has appeared across a multiplicity of art forms. This open studio investigates text and language in art, via self-directed pthat are unbounded by medium and yet use writing as the genesis or as primary material for the production of a work of Art. This subject encompasses a terrain that potentially goes from street art to high culture.


Students are able to work in an open ended way with text, either as starting point or as a finished work. From a screenplay or work of fiction to a body of paintings or sculptures. From Artists books, zines, net art and editions the ultimate form that the work takes is determined by the needs of the idea proposed. The subject can also encompass time based art forms such as video, sound, and performance art. This open studio interdisciplinary subject investigates text and writing as a generator of potential new art forms and hybrids.


Students will work by way of a Self Directed Project and on one short in class project. The subject will be taught by way of tutorials, group critique, workshops, lectures and guest lectures.

Project one

 Jenny Holzer


Paul Mcathy


Experiments with Fluxalons

This is a short introductory project due in week 6 in which students will present a completed concrete poem or text in any medium other than in the form of text written on paper. The task implies translation in some way of a text into a new and interesting form. This could be presented through performance, moving image, web-art, on canvass, as a sculptural object, as mail art, or through a form of photomedia.

Students are encouraged to explore unusual methodologies in the genesis of their writing. This could be through generative software, appropriation of other texts, original writing, autobiographic sources, historical forms etc.

Students will be encouraged to show work in progress along the way and to discuss their approaches with fellow students in class time. Examples of interesting work in the field will be shown along the way.


Due Week 15:  Assessment week beginning 18th June. Note final date to be confirmed

In consultation with your lecturer propose a self-directed project involving experimental writing. The progress of this project will be assessed at Mid Semester Review in Week 6. Due to week 7 being academic advice this review may spill over into week 8.