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Links and resources relating to 1st year studio major and the Flying Dragon Archive : Virtual Museum of the Impossible.

Here is a link to a website of found things

Some questions for discussion.

1. What is poetry – what do you think is the nature of the poetic ?

Visualisation – requires a vivid image in the mind. Perhaps some of the following questions might help you to conjure the Level of Detail [LOD] required to visualise the project. LOD ?

[Level of Detail is an important notion to consider when you are inventing things or trying to simulate something that is pre-existing. ]

here is a good explanation in the world of 3d computer graphics but this concept can also be applied to any kind of creative methodology particualrly where some form of representation occurs – note the figurative example

2. The Flying Dragon Archive exists in a virtual space but what if it where to exist in the world of physical space? What might the external architecture look like ? 1a If you could imagine the Flying Dragon Archive in a physical world situation what might its interior consist of.

Here is an example of a visionary project by some artists to do the seemingly ‘impossible’ and to save polaroid film from extinction

He isnt a photographer but he sure is a visionary Theo Jansen once built an image scanner and large format printer out of junk before any one had invented an image scanner or a printer and certainly the personal computer had yet to arrive here is a link to his later work, but I will also show you footage of this incredible invention.

Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration Into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel is a 2008 book by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. In the wiki page entry on the book we see an interesting classification system for ‘the Impossible’ in light of technological invention.

Technology and the future possible and its extension into the seemingly impossible go hand in hand, (think about the world conjured in science fiction) its the nature of our humaness to think this way and our modernity has been geared towards this kind of positivism as a force for over a century, but what other types of ‘Impossibles’ can you imagine that are less technocratic ?

For a basic explanation of the term positivism go here


The Way Things Go Wiki entry here. Interestingly the former article highlights the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE the wiki entry for that is here
A retrospective of the Artists work was held at the Tate Modern in 2007 and the link is here